The Football for Fathers Committee


L-R : Bill, Wayne, Matt, Adam, Alex and Neil

'Football for Fathers' was initially the fantastic idea of local Hitchin Dad, William "Bill" Poole. Together with Wayne, Neil, Matt, Adam and Alex (and Chris White before he stepped down in October 2019)  - they form Football for Father's 6-man Management Committee.

Football for Fathers (FFF) has now evolved considerably from the original idea of a weekly Dad's 'kick-around'. In under three years FFF has gone from "jumpers for goalposts" in the local park to a group of over 300+ local Dads (and now Mums), all paying subscriptions, more than six sessions per week on professional, floodlight astro-turf, summer tournaments, awards evenings, charitable fundraising, offers of international friendlies, mountain biking and Ryder Cup golf tournaments. 

Three years in, the club has continued to evolve - now running a dedicated session for Womens' Football and our first two evening sessions in nearby Letchworth. 

Central to FFF becoming such a success has been the hard work and organisation of the Committee, the support of many people and organisations, the enthusiasm of all our players and our five founding principles below.


Summer 2017


Park football - approx 12 regular players

Autumn 2017


Move to astro - approx 30 signed-up players

Summer 2018


75+ signed-up players, 2 regular Hitchin sessions, club kit and tournaments

Spring 2019


120+ signed-up players and a new Monday 8-9pm session

Autumn 2019


200+ signed-up players, 4 regular Hitchin sessions and FFF Ryder Cup Golf

Winter 2020...


First session in Letchworth and new FFF Womens's session in Hitchin




FFF welcomes fathers of all abilities and fitness. We encourage those with less experience and challenge those with more than their fair share with equal positivity and support. The majority of our players are fathers, aged between 30 to early 50’s. We see this as a key factor in our success and our diverse demographic makes for a rich social mix, adding to the positive experience of our players. 


Besides the obvious health benefits of playing football for an hour or two every week, we also recognise the important positive mental health contribution that our group provides. Given our demographic and the various stresses and challenges that being a father brings, the social, community factor mixed with a few endorphins (and the odd pint here and there...) provides a positive and proactive way of maintaining physical and mental wellbeing.


Football is, after all, the beautiful game and it’s all about being enjoyed. Yes, we all want to win - but not at the cost of enjoyment or to the detriment of our players and teammates. The FFF committee will not tolerate any players being overly competitive (both physically or verbally), aggressive or discriminatory in their interactions with other players.  We firmly believe that winning should not come at the cost of inclusivity, wellbeing or enjoyment. Where these founding principles are threatened we will act appropriately to protect them.

Community Spirited

FFF is delighted to support local good causes and charities. We see this as a very fortunate by-product of being part of a group who all share the same values and principles. As we continue to grow we look forward to being able to further increase the impact we are able to have on positive, local community initiatives.

Health and Safety

FFF is a volunteer run football club. Anyone paying subs for any FFF sessions (or other FFF scheduled games/tournaments) does so entirely at their own risk. Sole responsibility for any injury, illness or death that may occur or later arise as a result of playing football at a FFF session rests entirely with the individual players. By paying a subscription you agree to the terms of this health and safety policy.

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