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How much does it cost?

Football for Fathers sessions cost £60.00 per quarter / £240.00 per year which equates approximately to £4.80 per hour-long, weekly football session. That's less than the cost of a trendy pint of IPA , and significantly less than Power Leagues and other 'similar' formats. 

For those that pay in advance we also provide a £10.00 discount on 2 quarters (6 months) upfront, and £40.00 for members paying for a year in advance. And, once you've paid for 2 quarters you get your own personalised Football for Fathers shirt as a complimentary gift.

Come and join us!



Here's the plan...

  • The entry age for all our Football for Fathers (FFF) sessions is 30+
  • In Hitchin, all sessions take place at Hitchin Boys School astro-pitch, Fishponds Road (next to the Swimming Pool).
  • Sessions runs on a weekly basis every except Bank Holidays, two weeks over the Christmas period, and on infrequent occasions when the weather doesn’t allow us to play (ie snow/ice).
  • Your first session is free as a taster. After this we need a minimum payment of 1 quarter (£60.00) in advance to continue within the group.
  • We unfortunately do not accept walk-up's or +1 friends on the night. The sessions are only open to paying, subscribed members only.
  • Unless you have paid to play on more than one session, you can only play in the session you've signed-up to. I'm afraid there is no swapping between sessions.
  • Membership includes access to other organised FFF events and tournaments organised by the Committee throughout the year, plus a FFF club shirt after two quarters (or pre-payment of two quarters).
  • Please be aware of our 5 founding principles as listed on ABOUT. FFF games are competitive, fun and of a good standard. We don’t tolerate any members being overly competitive (physically or verbally), aggressive or discriminatory in their interactions with other members. All players play at their own risk and by subscribing you agree with the terms of our health and safety policy.
  • Games are informal, no Referee, and managed between the players. Normal football rules apply. Rush goalkeepers. Any fouls are managed between the teams – again, this is social, fun football – not the Champions League. Any persistent/reckless fouling will not be tolerated.
  • Join us in the Vic afterwards for a post-match pint!
  • Lastly, have fun. FFF was started by 7 chaps who love football. Please adhere to the rules and keep it that way.


If you're interested in joining Football for Fathers and playing in one of our available sessions, or joining the Waiting List for currently full or future sessions, use the Contact Form below and we'll get back to you ASAP...

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